About Us

Tired of common and boring psychological tests? Ddooddoo provides new and various psychological test content for free.

When bored and bored! When I wonder what my current psychology is! Let's find out about my hidden state of mind and disposition with Ddooddoo through a simple and fun test!

With the currently prepared psychological test, you can find out which character you most resemble among the characters in Netflix's popular squid game series. There is a squid game test and a street woman fight test where you can find out which crew suits you best among a crew of street woman fighters called Supa.

In addition to this, we are waiting for your novel and interesting ideas. So, if you have any ideas, please contact us at the email below! We'll try to make your ideas into psychological tests so that we can serve them!

Ddooddoo is preparing more diverse and fun tests, so please pay attention in the future!